Model Dragonflies Project

As part of Our Planet Season, the Rumble Museum has created an exciting new piece of public art in the form of a model Dragonfly Trail around Cheney School’s site and for local primary schools in a project where pupils created their own designs for the dragonflies.Eight large (five foot long and five foot wing span) dragonfly models were installed on the Cheney School site in March 2019. These dragonfly models each had their theme designed by Cheney Art students to represent different areas of learning. They are striking, colourful and educational works of art which we hope will inspire the very diverse community of East Oxford and beyond.

The trail was unveiled for the public at the Iris Festival of Natural History & More at Cheney School on 27th March, 2019.

We gave six miniature dragonflies for local primary schools to theme and bring for the day of the festival to be included in the trail on the day. East Oxford Primary, Bayards Hill, St Mary & St John, St Andrew’s, St Ebbe’s and Windmill all decorated a model. You can explore their designs on a special Dragonfly Trail website.

The Rumble Museum at Cheney is a unique partnership between an educational charity and a school. The Iris Project, a charity which promotes learning about the ancient world, is working with Cheney School to grow a museum within a school. We are working within the Arts Council Museum Accreditation Scheme.

The models were created and installed by JSM Model Makers and Effects. The models each have concrete plinths, which were made and installed by Le Roc.

Below you can see images of the larger dragonfly models in progress:






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